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Sorting Thoughts

is a note-taking software for your personal information and knowledge management. It is designed to manage your thoughts such as moments of sudden inspirations, tasks, events, projects and anything else you may think of.

The main aim of Sorting Thoughts is on delivering a trustworthy tool for your daily life in the knowledge-based society through privacy and simplicity.

Available for Windows, macOS and iOS



Sorting Thoughts is easy to use and simple to edit. It is a practical helper for your daily life. Don’t miss a thought.




Collect not only stupid notes. Be smart and use Sorting Thoughts to plan projects, organize tasks, build a thought structure, link your thoughts and write down your knowledge behind a task.



Sorting Thoughts guarantees the maximum of privacy for your notes and knowledge. It contains no user tracking stuff, no ads, used no cloud storage and is full encrypted and password protected.



Use Sorting Thoughts on your iPhone and iPad too and sync between all your devices (Desktop and iOS).

The ideal app for…

Note-taking and brainstorming

Personal knowledge and self management

Project and task planning

Writing a diary

Workbook and Project Journal

Secret Vault

Study Notebook

Electronically long-term memory

iOS Version of Sorting Thoughts

Sorting Thoughts for iOS

Sorting Thoughts is also available for your iPhone and iPad. Go to the app store and try this great features for Sorting Thoughts for iOS / iPadOS:


  • Multiple thought collections
  • Tasks and projects
  • Attachments
  • Tagging
  • Color marker
  • Sub thoughts
  • Password lock
  • Sync service

Do a quick look…

ST Screencast video

All features at a glance…

Simple Editing

Keep the focus on the content of your thoughts.

Project and Task

Manage your projects and tasks.


Your thoughts are saved in an encrypted database.


Search across your thoughts.

Free Sorting

Sort your thoughts per drag and drop in the thought tree.

Sync Service

Sync your thoughts between all your devices (Desktop and iOS).


Link your thoughts to web pages or other thoughts.

Full Screen Mode

The full screen mode let’s you focused on your thoughts.


Give your thoughts an image and attach files like photos and documents.

Automatic Backup

Keep your desktop thoughts safe with a rotating and automatic backup.

100% Privacy

No cloud-based data, no user tracking, no ads – it’s private!


Tag thoughts and give your thoughts a new context.

Color Marker

Mark your thoughts with a color.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Be fast and use keyboard shortcuts on your desktop.

Image Gallery

View attached images in a gallery.


Print your thoughts.

Password Lock

Keep your thoughts private.


Works on Windows, macOS and iOS.

GTD ready

Support for the Getting Things Done workflow.

HTML / Web Export

Share your thoughts on desktop by web export.

Gantt Chart

Plan your tasks in a Gantt chart.

Task Management

Only one click to see your next tasks.


Make your thoughts more independent with the XML and CSV import.

Education Discount

Save 25% as student or teacher.


ST Screencast video

Try it out!

Download Sorting Thoughts – don’t forget to get the 30 day trial code.

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