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Sorting Thoughts for iOS

Sorting Thoughts is an app for someone who thinks, collects thoughts and who put a high value on trustworthy notes.

Sorting Thoughts is a personal information and knowledge management app. It is designed to manage your thoughts such as moments of sudden inspirations, tasks, events, projects and anything else you may think of.
The main aim of Sorting Thoughts is on delivering a trustworthy tool for your daily life in the knowledge-based society through security and simplicity. Furthermore, the sync service of Sorting Thought lets you sync all entries between multiple iOS devices.

Privacy is a high value and for an app which collects personal notes essential. Sorting Thought abstains on cloud storage. All entered data stay on the device. The optional sync service used encrypted communication and a full end-to-end encryption. Only the device owner with the private key can encrypt the synced data. Additionally, the sync service collects no personal data like email addresses and the synced data will be automatically removed after a successful sync. The ensuring of privacy is a big concern for me as developer of Sorting Thoughts, because I’m a user too and enter my notes every day in Sorting Thoughts.

Security feature summary:

  • no cloud storage
  • usage of Apple Data Protection
  • password protection (available with the Min Pack)
  • the optional sync service used a full end-to-end encryption with standardized technologies like RSA, AES and SSL/TLS

Sorting Thoughts provides the following feature packs which are available via in-app purchasements:

1. Free Pack
(US$ 0.00)

With the free feature package you can manage simple thoughts in a single thought collection. This package provides only the basic features and it is ideal to testing Sorting Thoughts.

2. Min Pack
(US$ 0.99)

This package contains the password lock and color marker feature. It is ideal for users who want only manage simple thoughts with a password lock.

3. Max Pack
(US$ 7.99)

This package contains all features of Sorting Thoughts but without the sync service. It is ideal for users who needs a powerful note taking app for the daily life.

Feature list:

  • Color marker – lets you mark thoughts with colors in the thought navigation tree
  • Password lock – allows the locking of a collection
  • Muliple collections – create multiple collections to separate work and private thoughts
  • Projects, tasks and events – manage your projects, tasks and events and see what are your next tasks
  • Attachments – add photos to your thoughts
  • Tagging – use tags to find thoughts quicker
  • Sub thoughts – create thought trees for a better thought structure
  • Thought versions – remember the thought changes to reconstruct a train of thought

4. Max Pack + Sync Service
(one month: US$ 1.99 / one year US$ 14.99)

With a one month or one year subscription you get all features of the “Max Pack” and the sync service. The sync service let’s you sync thoughts between iOS devices and the next coming desktop version of Sorting Thoughts 2.0. Your thought collections are synchronously on all your iOS devices and you can work across multiple devices.
The service is developed by the ‘privacy first’ principle, that means no personal data are needed and the data transfer is completely end-to-end encrypted. Only the device owner can decrypt the sync data because only the owner holds the private key. Furthermore, the sync data will be deleted after a successful sync or after 30 days if the target device don’t pick-up the data.
Sync server location is Germany and the service fulfilled the strict European and German data protection guidelines.

Sorting Thoughts needs iOS 8 and is available for all iOS 8 devices. It comes in German or English.

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