The seventh update of Sorting Thoughts is available now – start the download here. Version 1.4.0 contains beside some bugfixes and improvements also two new productivity features:

New Features

Shortcut to complete tasks and projects
complete project thought
Now it is possible to change the task and project state without open a task or project thought. You can simple change the state via context menu in the thought tree. And the best, it is also possible to complete all sub tasks of a project or task with only one click.

Shortcut to create a diary thought name

If you write a diary, your thought names contains often the current date. And it can be very boring to write a diary by starting with typing the current date. Nevermore! Now you can simple insert the current date at the creation dialog of a new thought with one click on the new calendar icon.



Up to 10 backup cycles
With the new version you can define the backup cylces of Sorting Thoughts in the preference view – up to 10 backup cycles are possible now.

More privacy
This is only interesting for new users: I have modified the trial code request procedure. Now, it is not more neccessary to enter a valid email address to get a trial activation code.
If you want test “Sorting Thoughts”, you must only answer three little questions: Free 30-day test drive
Many thanks again for all your suggestions, bug reports, kudos and reviews – that helps a lot to make Sorting Thoughts better.
Thank you very much!

Update notes

This update is recommended for all users of the desktop version. To update you must only download the new version (for MS Windows or Mac OS X) and install as usual. The installation will overwrite the existing version of Sorting Thoughts. All your settings and thought collections will survive. Please ensure that no thought collection is saved in the program folder. All changes of version 1.4.0 are listed in the change log.

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